Monday, September 25, 2006

She's on to me...

David and I have a routine in the evenings now. Now that he's in grade one, he has homework each night. As such, we've got a deal that he does his homework with me after I get home and then we celebrate with something fun. Usually, he gets to watch SportsNet news from the night before (we tape it) but tonight it was a round of Over the Hedge on XBox.

I guess Emily overheard the talk of the carrot for David's homework and took matters into her own hands. When we were clearing the dinner table, (we ate on the deck again tonight... nice weather), we noticed that somebody had set up the controllers for XBox.

We asked Conbo... wasn't him.
We asked David... wasn't him.

Then I noticed how the controller was "attached" to the console. It was clearly the work of our prodigious 2 year old. She always wants to join in, so we give her the one controller that isn't cordless. I usually tuck it under the console so that there isn't a chance that she'll cut in on the boys' game.

Well, she wanted to set it up and so this is how she did it.

I wonder how many other things I do - that I think are tricking her - that she actually "gets"?


Blogger Tawny said...

your back! That is way too cute! She is one smart cookie.

9:23 PM  

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