Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Okay... I admit it... I'm a bad blogger. I was so enthusiastic about contributing to this thing on a regular basis, but then life got in the way. Also, I usually blog from school and I don't always have pictures to add to it from here. I suppose that I could suck it up and just blog without them but... oh I don't know. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying saying the word "blog". It's got a ring, doesn't it?

Hopefully this will make up for my absence. These are pictures from CaraLee's Mother's Day gift.

A couple of weekends ago, CaraLee had an all-day thing at the church. I had arranged with a work colleague to meet in Fort Langley and have him take some pictures of the kids.

As an aside, I can always contact Dave if you're interested in having him do any photography for you. He was fantastic to work with and just a great guy.

All things considered, the kids were great. David battled with the urge to wiggle his loose tooth during every shot. Connor had it in his head that posing for a picture meant pursing your lips and tilting your head. What is TV teaching my kids? Emily, however, was in her element. Good grief... we took about 100 pictures and almost 75% of them were just of her. She just didn't take a bad picture! This is the one I chose to develop for CaraLee.

All of the group ones were tough. To get three kids to not look as though they're in the 5th hour of a drinking binge was a challenge to say the least. For this group picture, the photographer tried to get the boys to "find the bug" on Emily's flower. It worked!

And now my penance for bad blogging is done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MY- those are ADORABLE!! I love the black & white. You must've scored points cause meanwhile all the other dads were playing hockey.

What a great mothers day present!

Love Carissa

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Super TA said...

Great pictures!
Darling kids!

Aunty Linda

11:33 PM  

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