Friday, April 07, 2006

Ball Hockey Picture Day...

Connor is playing ball hockey this spring. This is a real "first" for the Buzzas. We are going into this completely blind, but not alone. Connor's partner-in-crime, Caleb will be playing with him on the Mighty Eagles.

We showed up for team pictures the other day and there was a little "down time" before their turn. I was pleasantly surprised at how aggessive Connor was! In soccer, he took more pleasure in watching the players than participating. Here, he was in there like a dirty shirt.

One of the things he became quite excited about was that he got his mommy's favourite number - 7. This seemed to act like an injection of enthusiasm for him.

Having said that, Connor has made some interesting comments about the impending ball hockey season. One question that really has me thinking is when he asked if - when they played - if it would be "just for fun".

I think what he was referring to was that - when they played at picture day - they didn't have nets or keep score. In his mind, that was for fun. I really hope he doesn't lose sight of the fact that all sports are for fun.

My fears were somewhat calmed when Connor showed similar enthusiasm when we played in teh backyard. David was goalie and did a great job of encouraging Connor. You could tell that Conbo really felt good about himself. I was proud of David, too.

We'll see how this ball hockey thing works out. I'm hoping it's... fun.


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