Saturday, April 29, 2006

Egg Hunt at Auntie Anne's Grandma's...

We jetted off to Aldergrove to visit Auntie Anne and her family at her grandma's house. She has 5+ acres of beautiful country land full of trees and plants grown by her husband before he passed away.

We pigged out on appies and enjoyed each other's company before the hunt began.

The Easter Bunny was very busy at Annie's Grandma's. There were sparkly eggs, spotted eggs and more crammed full of chocolate treats. The big boys helped Emmers find her "share" of the booty. To make matters more challenging, Tucker had actively decorated the lawn with little, brown bombs. Some kids weren't lucky enough to escape unscathed.

Speaking of Tucker, Emily was in love. She followed the chubby, old hound around the house and yard, wanting to cuddle him.

Speaking of the yard, we took a little stroll to the back 40. We had to cross a beautiful, little, duck-infested creek and explored even beyond the barbed-wire fence. It was a beautiful day.


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