Friday, April 14, 2006

The TBall season kicks off...

With soccer in our rearview mirror, we enter the unknown universe of TBall. Gone are the simple days of showing up on Saturday mornings after breakfast for a couple of hours of soccer. Now, it's TBall 2 days-a-week on Mondays and Wednesdays. The new world means screaming home from work, scarfing down a meal (always wonderfully prepared by my beautiful, dutiful wife) and then scurrying off to the park of the day, playing three innings of TBall after a 15min practice, and dealing with sad kids because TBall went right up until their bedtimes.

But who's complaining?

David's a natural. Even though he's a first year player with kids in grade one, he fits right in. In the field, he's one of the rare kids who pays attention to the game and - thus - gets most of the action. At bat, he's had some really good hits. Next year it could be a little silly when he's playing in the same division. The good news is that Conbo will be playing on the same team if he's interestd in TBall next year!

We've got a video of one of David's big hits... here it is:


Blogger VEGAS said...

Sure Dave, but all of us who have seen your fantasy team have only one question.....

Can your kid steal a base?

1:31 AM  

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