Saturday, April 29, 2006

Living creekside...

The beauty of living in a house with a creek running alongside it, is that you get all sorts of visitors. We've had numerous frogs - so they're not blogworthy anymore - but recently, we had a different sort of encounter.

David was cleaning out the window-well (I can't remember if he was being punished or paid) when he found this "little" guy. This salamander was the biggest I've ever seen. It was almost like a little cayman. Unfortunately, when CaraLee was calling Connor to "come see", every other little boy in the neighbourhood must have heard as well. I would have liked to have put him in the front-yard pond, but I guess one of the other boys made an offer CaraLee couldn't refuse.


Blogger Cal & Christina said...

Are you sure you aren't living near the Everglades and that isn't a little gator!? Can't believe the size of it and I am sure that those boys LOVED every minute of it!

1:30 AM  

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