Thursday, May 18, 2006

Emily is 2!

Two years ago, today, Emily Carol Buzza was born. It seems like just yesterday I had the parenting thing all figured out. David was well on his way to manhood and the challenges of Connor were beginning to work themselves out. Then... Emily happened.

I laugh at the thought that people actually write books on parenting. There really isn't a pattern you can follow that will work with every kid. I don't know... maybe we're the only family in the world with three such different kids, but it seems to me that they're all so... different. And as far as "different" goes, Emily is the differentest.

At first glance everybody will notice that she's cute. Check that, very cute. The second thing you'll probably notice is that she knows she's cute. Call it good self-esteem, call it vanity, whatever... she knows she's got it "goin' on".

Underneath that cute exterior lies somewhat of a tempest, however. While both of the boys threw their fair share of fits, neither of them were as convinced that they would actually win the battles of the will. Sooner rather than later, the boys would concede the point that we were the mommy and daddy and that we were the boss. Emily doesn't always see it that way. We're working on it.

However, after all is said and done, there's nothing like the affection of Emily. When she chooses you to give her attention to, it's like being drawn in by a tractor beam. I don't know how many times I've caught myself just staring at her. She's a special girl. Happy Birthday, Emmers.


Anonymous Rick K said...

Having the privladge of raising 3 "different" and indevidule kids myself, I can immediatly spot the "daddy can I" look in a young ladies eyes. Boy are you in trouble!!!! Needless to say, your heart strings pull with every breath your beautifull wee lass will take and you are blessed to be the luckiest of all men.... father of a bride to be (20 years down the road maybe but get the shotgun ready they are a commin') Good luck with that........ and may you be as blessed as me when she she looks you deep in the eyes and says............Daddy can I? Rick K

9:39 PM  

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