Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome to the Neighbourhood, Kennedys!

Ben has been initiated...

Today, we got to do something that the kids have been talking about for a long time. Ben's in the neighbourhood and so he's just a phone call away for a good game of hockey. We called our buddies, the Douglases, and Ben was already over at their place having pancakes, so we invited them all over for a hockey game that had started before dinner and finished long after dinner.

Ben was in there like a dirty shirt. They were all hacking and whacking away at the puck when one of the hacks (or maybe a whack) got Ben in the kisser.

The poor guy leaked pretty bad. Inspired by the nice Father's Day cards I had received, I did the only thing a dad could do in this situation... I grabbed the camera.
Auntie Tawny and CaraLee worked their motherly magic to produce a cloth and ice pack. Fortunately, I was able to snap a shot before they wiped most of the good stuff away.
We can't wait until Cole can come out and play. Welcome to the neighbourhood, Kennedys!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Meet Rosie!

You're looking at the latest addition to the Buzza family... Rosie Mae Buzza! I figured we had to do something to compete for attention with my two sisters who are pregnant with baby boys. Actually, Rosie is more than just a whim. She's the culmination of a deal CaraLee and I made many years ago. We've always said that we'd wait until our last kid was out of diapers before we added a puppy to our family. Well, that time has come and we're very excited.
Rosie will be staying at her home in Abbotsford for another 2 weeks until she's ready to come to her new home in Maple Ridge. This is a picture of her breeders, Lana and Victoria Hergott. They have a cute, little hobby farm in Chilliwack. The adult dog is Rosie's mommy, Maple. The other puppy is Rosie's sister, Casey.
Now, we've just got to lean on the Douglas family to adopt one of Rosie's brothers...

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