Sunday, July 08, 2007

Never a dull moment...

Much like an episode, this story is about nothing. Really, it's a dull story.
Today, I was on the music team for our church's three services. This complicated CaraLee's situation a wee bit. First, she had committed to handing out something or other after the 9:00 service. Also, she had the three kids by herself and it is a summer service format where the kids are with the parents upstairs for the music part. Finally, CaraLee had to kennel our pup on her own. (Rosie is not a fan of the kennel... at all.) However, all of these interesting things had little to do with the action on the way home.
As CaraLee was driving home, one of our three kids (who really wants to remain nameless) got a little tangled up in his (oops... "his/her") seatbelt.
By the time I got home, there was a tow truck parked behind the van and CaraLee had a frustrated smirk on her face. As it turns out, the tangle was a little more severe than first diagnosed. Our child - even with CaraLee's help - was completely unable to get free of the seatbelt. She contemplated calling the fire department and Mazda, but eventually settled on a tow truck. She remained very calm and even thought to take a picture for our blog! (Unfortunately, the victim still wished to remain anonymous and barred the publication of the image.)
When I got there, we were able to simply flip the kid around a couple of times so that the tangle was undone.
We can never do things the easy way.


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