Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Only in BC...

The snow barely had time to melt before we took to the field. It was time for the guys to get dirty for our annual Mud Bowl. I dont' know how long we've been doing this, but it's safe to say that we began prior to developing our common sense.
Hume Park is the unrivaled leader in mud production every year. Every watershed on the planet drains into this field of dreams.
Playing in the Mud Bowl is a test of manhood... a rite of passage. If you're brave enough to withstand the cold and step out of your vehicle, you've still got to take that first squooshy-step onto the playing surface. As the icy venom attacks the most minute crevices in your feet and between your toes, you start to think ahead to the possibility of exposing more than just your toesies to the penetrating frost.
Naturally, we play full-contact. This is the next stage to testing one's manhood. Many a man has been brave enough to step onto the field of play, yet still come up short when measuring himself against other such men.
I vividly remember the day one Glenn Schulz took the field. His response was swift when we invited him to join us. He seemed unaffected by the prospect of getting cold. He didn't hesitate when we told him that we played tackle football, not "touch" or "flag". But could he make a catch, knowing that his body would take a pounding a split second after? Would he hold onto the ball when smitten with a crushing tackle? Indeed he did... and he won my sister in the deal.
To this day, boys are measured with this test. Some exit the field with their white shirts mostly white. Others, the brave... the few... exit as men.

This picture was taken on Sunday, January 28th. 2 days later, I played beach volleyball in shorts, Tshirt & barefeet at my school. Yes, my feet were numb... but where else in the world could you enjoy a snowfall, play football in the snow's muddy wake, play beach volleyball, all just days before the next expected snowfall?

...only in BC.


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