Monday, January 29, 2007

David's 7th Birthday

David's birthday

Whoduh thunk that my firstborn son could be seven already. I suppose it's not "already"... it's taken him the full seven years.
All sighing and tear-wiping aside, our "little" boy has turned seven and this video is the testimony (evidence) that we celebrated his big day.
Just to give you a little background... the events wents something like this:
- field goal kicking contest (this turned into "hitting-kid-with-football contest")
- catching contest (no photo footage of this one)
- QB challenge (kids had to hit a garbage can lid from varying distances)
- obstacle course (no footage)
- video replay search (no footage)
- touchdown celebration contest (this explains all the weird dancing)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW looks like you guys had LOTS of fun! I know Josh and Caleb did for sure!!!

3:18 PM  

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