Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pretty Much the Best Day Ever...

With all due respect to my wedding day... and the births of my three children... this was a pretty good day. What you're looking at - here - is a picture of us guys after playing a hockey game at GM Place. We are centre-ice on the same hallowed sheet that our beloved 'Nucks play on 41 times a year.
The boys got into the act as well. They got dressed with us in the visitor's change room. (It was amazing. Instead of a cramped, smelly brick-walled prison, we sprawled out in a carpeted lounge complete with TVs, bathrooms sans-graffiti, and really cool "benches" to sit on which fold up to reveal a storage basket. )

Then, the boys got to take the pre-game skate where we snapped these pics. Unfortunately, they were game-time decisions to be scratched from the lineup, so the big boys took over and the little guys sat with the moms in the stands.

As if that wasn't good enough, (and believe me, it was), I had the chance to catch the first part of Chris "Christ" (blogging joke) Goetz's stag. He's getting married next week, and we went out to the race track in Richmond to celebrate his waning hours of singularity. The go-karts were fast. I thought that I was exceptionally fast, but - after comparing lap times - it was revealed that I wasn't as fast as I thought. I blame it on getting black-flagged for cheating (I cut through an opening in the wall which was created by one of the other guys crashing - they remotely shut down my car to give me heck) and for getting wiped out by Mark Caldwell. The embarassment of having to sit in my go-kart and wave my hands for help was made worse by the echoing laughter from Mark as he lapped me.
It was great to see a couple of my old buddies as well. It's funny how - with some friends - time away gets erased pretty quickly when you reunite.
It was a great day.


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