Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mini-MudBowl II

When it rains, it pours... in this case, we're talking literally and figuratively. We've been under siege by rain for the entire year 2006. We were one day from setting a record for the most consecutive days of rain. We had a dry day to spoil that chance, then began our second attempt at the record.
The good news is that it makes for perfect MudBowl weather! The 2nd annual Mini-MudBowl preceded the big-boys' game on David's actual birthday. It was almost like a present for David. He is so hardcore when it comes to mud football. This is where the figurative "pouring" comes in. It's been a busy weekend!
All the boys had a great time getting filthy and soaked... oh yeah... and playing football. It really was like the side-attraction, though.
Highlighting the festivities was Conbo & Caleb's death-lock, where the two boys stood toe-to-toe and tried to get each other to the ground. They were - litereally - locked together for about a minute before we pointed out the fact that the next play was about to begin.
David doesn't realize that he's still only six, and that there are 9 year olds that are a lot bigger and stronger than he is. (Note the size difference between David and DJ - behind him. DJ's not standing on a bench... he's just a lot bigger.)
We're looking forward to MudBowl III in 2007!


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