Sunday, January 29, 2006

Connor starts soccer!

Our soccer club has a new weapon in its arsenal... Conbo. I forgot to bring a camera to his first practice, but we documented the second!

Connor has been really excited, waiting for soccer to start. Now that it's here, his excitement has only grown. In the car - getting changed after David's game - Connor could hardly contain himself. His enthusiasm has less to do with actually playing soccer than it does with being with other kids his age. True-to-form, Connor has been like a party waiting to happen.

I was suprised by Connor's skills! He's very good at kicking the ball with both feet and is really fast. I was equally suprised with Connor's concern over winning and losing. We haven't been very proactive with teaching him sportsmanship, because he's never really been that competitive!

Long story short, soccer's off to a good start. We're looking forward to the craziness of having two boys playing through the winter.


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